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Children and war : a depiction of what moves us

by Fiana Gantheret For once, it is not about our jobs, our cities, our hobbies, our habits. For once, it is not about something that only concerns some of us. For once, but once more, it concerns all of us and moves us all. One image, one picture, and this all too familiar feeling of […]

ASEAN Youth Competition on Arts and Human Rights

The Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations organizes a Youth Competition on Arts and Human Rights. The aim is to raise awareness about human rights and the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration (AHRD) adopted in November 2012 among its youth. Young nationals (between the ages of 18 and 25) of the ten ASEAN […]

Moving Walls, a photography exhibition documenting social justice and human rights

By Fiana Gantheret Following up on the implications of photojournalism in humanitarian settings, today’s post will look into the Open Society Foundations Moving Walls exhibits. Open Society Foundations have organized, since 1998, an annual documentary photography exhibition entitled Moving Walls, which presents the work of several photographers about subjects related to social justice and human rights […]