‘Art and Human Rights’: Book Launch



Art and Human RightsA Multicultural Approach to Contemporary Issues

Edward Elgar Publishing

Eds. Fiana Gantheret, Nolwenn Guibert and Sofia Stolk

Painting by artist Roula El Derbas https://www.roulaelderbas.com


Creating Rights is delighted to invite you to the launch of the book :

‘Art and Human Rights – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Issues’

edited by Fiana Gantheret, Nolwenn Guibert and Sofia Stolk.

The book is available for pre-order at https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/gbp/art-and-human-rights-9781802208146.html


Online. Please use the following link to attend the event, you will be automatically logged in: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89780697679?pwd=MDdkOVF1WkZqcEtER2o4SUdiVjlZUT09

Friday 9 June 2023 from 4pm CET to 6pm CET.

The book

The Book brings together experts in the fields of art, cultural heritage, social justice, human rights, international law, and transitional justice, and builds bridges between the notions of art and aesthetics, human rights, universality, and dignity. It explores a world in which art and justice enter a discussion to answer questions such as: can art translate the human experience? How does humanity link individuality and community building? How do human beings define and look for their identity? How artistic and cultural productions and rights contribute to answering these questions?

The readers will see vignettes of current debates in the fields of art and human rights, tackling issues at the confluence of these fields by providing a general framework and presenting  concrete case analyses.

Contributors to the book have tackled these debates in the following areas of interest:

PART I PEACE: THE RIGHT TO ART :  The Human Rights of Artists in the Pandemic; Right to Artistic Expression; Art and Social Justice.

PART II CONFLICT(S): Representation of Conflict Through Art; Art as a Catalyst in Times of War and Conflict; Art: A Target of Conflict.

PART III POST-CONFLICT APPROACHES: Art in non-judiciary Transitional Justice Mechanisms; International Criminal Justice and Art; Restitution of Cultural Property.


The event will start with opening remarks from the editors, and will be followed by a presentation by Dr Marina Aksenova, Assistant Professor, International and Comparative Criminal Law, IE Law School, Spain, who contributed the conclusion to the Book and will moderate the event. Contributors will then present their chapters as well as reflect on some of the issues addressed in the Book. The audience will then be invited to contribute to the discussion and to ask questions.

  • Editors

Fiana Gantheret is Consultant in International Justice and Human Rights, and the Founder and Director of Creating Rights, a non-for-profit organisation promoting Human Rights through Art.

Nolwenn Guibert is a Senior Legal Officer at an international organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr Sofia Stolk, Assistant Professor at VU Amsterdam,, The Netherlands.

  • Contributors

Marina Aksenova, Karima Bennoune, Bernadette Buckley, Alessandro Chechi, Laurence Cuny, Michael Danti, Predrag Dojčinović, Roula El Derbas, Fiana Gantheret, Sofia N. Gonzalez Ayala, Nolwenn Guibert, Germaine Ingram, Rachel Kerr, Cristina Lleras, Marina Lostal, Rose Martin, Hannah Partis-Jennings, Agnieszka Plata, Henry Redwood, Toni Shapiro-Phim, Elsa Stamatopoulou, Sofia Stolk, Kamil Zeidler, Shyrine Ziadeh.

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