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Moving Walls, a photography exhibition documenting social justice and human rights

By Fiana Gantheret Following up on the implications of photojournalism in humanitarian settings, today’s post will look into the Open Society Foundations Moving Walls exhibits. Open Society Foundations have organized, since 1998, an annual documentary photography exhibition entitled Moving Walls, which presents the work of several photographers about subjects related to social justice and human rights […]

The Act of Documenting

by Nicola Popovic “Art does not make a difference- until it does” – Werner Herzog talking about Joshua Oppenheimer’s movie, The Act of Killing 3rd of October 2013– The air in the room is unbearably warm after three hours spent watching the director’s cut and following the “questions and answers session” with the director himself, Joshua […]

Free Spirits

THE EXHIBITION The Alliance Française presents a three months exhibition in the lounge of the Gember restaurant of GEM/ museum in The Hague. The exhibition is free of charge, orchestrated by the non-for-profit organisation Cartooning for Peace, and more information can be found here. Drawings, paintings as well as sets of pictures and articles produced by […]

Welcome to Creating Rights!

Creating Rights is an idea born out of passion for both art and human rights, and the belief that art introduces us to other states of the world than the often crude and inevitable one we know. Art is a means to express a vision of the world which puts up a mirror to our own […]