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A Theatre of War – Setting the Stage for a Critical Reflection on Human Rights Violations in Armed Conflict

By Andrea Breslin and Orla Lehane “Tread lightly for you tread on my realities” Irish playwright Connell Morrison’s above reflection, referencing his attempt to bring his stunning interpretation of Antigone to a Palestinian theatre group, highlights some of the ethical dilemmas surrounding the reduction of the complexity of conflict situations into a narrative for theatre. […]

Ai Weiwei libère Alcatraz

Ai Weiwei exposé à Alcatraz, Par Marie-Pierre Poulain La baie de San Francisco, ses péninsules, ses puissants courants marins, luisent sous le soleil de décembre. Sur le grand ferryboat blanc qui nous emmène à Alcatraz, l’île fortifiée se dessine, assez proche, coiffée d’un long bâtiment blanc ponctué d’un phare. Des mouettes se jouent de l’air […]

Some news about Creating Rights

Dear readers thank you again for following the development of Creating Rights! We want to share two news with you. First, we are proud to announce that as of January 2015, Creating Rights is a non-profit organization, with its main seat in The Hague, The Netherlands. Creating Rights seeks to engage in projects promoting human rights through art. […]

Chapeau les artistes!

Ces grands noms, ces visages, ces dessins, que l’on connaissait comme une part de nous-mêmes, avec lesquels nous avons vécu, grandi, évolué. Ces valeurs de liberté, d’égalité, de création qui ne voulaient pas être des principes, mais qui ont été poussées à l’être face à des extrémistes attachés eux à des principes ne souffrant pas […]

Constructions of Truth – Forensic Architecture as a Fact Finding Tool in the Context of Human Rights Violations

by Nicola Popovic and Fiana Gantheret Through designing public and private space, architecture has always been at the crossroads of aesthetics and function. The design of houses, public areas and cities depends maybe more than any other art form on the purpose of its use. Architectural products are an integral part of the life and […]

Children and war : a depiction of what moves us

by Fiana Gantheret For once, it is not about our jobs, our cities, our hobbies, our habits. For once, it is not about something that only concerns some of us. For once, but once more, it concerns all of us and moves us all. One image, one picture, and this all too familiar feeling of […]