Some news about Creating Rights

Dear readers

thank you again for following the development of Creating Rights! We want to share two news with you.

First, we are proud to announce that as of January 2015, Creating Rights is a non-profit organization, with its main seat in The Hague, The Netherlands. Creating Rights seeks to engage in projects promoting human rights through art. Its aim is to connect artists, human rights activists, academics and practitioners of international law and human rights across national and thematic borders. Areas of interest include the protection of internationally recognized human rights, international humanitarian law, and transitional justice. Creating Rights seeks to deepen actions in these domains through their interaction with artistic and cultural productions.

Second, we are glad to introduce you to our first posts by contributors to the blog. Marie-Pierre Poulain, an international criminal lawyer, will reflect, in French, on how Ai Weiwei freed Alcatraz by setting an exhibition on freedom of expression behind the walls of the most infamous prison. Andrea Breslin and Orla Lehane will explore how theater can set the stage for a critical reflection on human rights violations in armed conflict.

Stay tuned!

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