A permanent project Creating Rights undertakes is to display a virtual and temporary exhibition of art works by socially engaged artists on its website. We envision Creating Rights’ platform to offer visibility to emerging artists from everywhere in the world for whom art became a necessity or a means to express visions of human rights.

Bruce Clarke has generously accepted to inaugurate this use of our platform by sharing pieces of two series of his body of artwork: Upright Men (under titled Collective Project of Public Mural Art on the Places of Memory of the Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda), and Sea Ghosts.

See here more information about the projects of Bruce Clarke and the coming exhibitions.

Upright Men is a memorial project, which aims at giving back to victims of the Rwandan genocide – disappeared or survivors – the place of standing Men in the human community.

Sea Ghosts is intended as an hommage to people leaving their war-affected countries to flee accros the Mediterranean and who became victims of human trafficking and have gone missing in the sea. Because the absence of bodies is in a way comfortable and allow the governments to look away from this tragedy, Bruce Clarke’s project give a presence to these victims, reinstating them into the dignity of ordinary people, even though “the symbolic transparent mortal frontier of the sea will have diffracted their bodies”.