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Lidija Zelović – A private journey through war

By Fiana Gantheret  Lidija Zelović, a Bosnian journalist and filmmaker from a Serbian/Croatian family, left Sarajevo in 1992 when the war came to her home town. She flew to The Netherlands, leaving behind her brother and parents. They joined her in Amsterdam two years later. Lidija Zelović has followed the conflicts in former Yugoslavia as […]

Weights and Measures: Portraits of Justice

Weights and Measures: Portraits of Justice is a socially engaged art project focused on international law and human rights work, to evoke civic dialogue in post-conflict societies and hubs of international justice. For the past year, Creating Rights has been providing an active support to the completion of the Weights and Measures project by being a direct actor in The Hague, The […]

From a System To A Culture of International Justice : Addressing Its Challenges Through Art

by Fiana Gantheret International Justice faces challenges that need to be addressed On 21st November 2016, the WAYAMO Foundation organized a panel discussion to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its Africa Group for Justice and Accountability (AGJA) : Through the Looking Glass – Imagining the Future of International Justice. This discussion, organized as a side-event to […]

Impunity through the eyes of Bradley McCallum at the Robert Blumenthal gallery in New York

by Fiana Gantheret The work of Brooklyn based artist Bradley McCallum is in David Ebony’s Top Ten New York Gallery Shows this Winter. More specifically, his series of painted portraits, part of the Weights and Measures project, is. More specifically, international justice is. Until March 5th, the Robert Blumenthal Gallery shows – together with six paintings of […]

Making Justice through Art – with Prof Rosemarie Buikema

The upcoming lecture by Professor Rosemarie Buikema organized by the Research Center for Gender and Sexuality of the University of Amsterdam will take place on Thursday 10 December 2015 on the fascinating subject of the definition of justice in transitioning countries. Reflecting on the work of Professor Shoshana Felman, Professor Buikema describes how this definition has […]