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Creating Rights is an idea born out of passion for both art and human rights, and the belief that art introduces us to other states of the world than the often crude and inevitable one we know. Art is a means to express a vision of the world which puts up a mirror to our own way of looking at it.

Creating Rights focuses on art addressing violations of human rights and injustice through all forms of oppression. Its purpose is to offer an introduction to projects and initiatives that artistically and creatively explore the significance of human rights around the globe. Those are not always developed by artists, as art is sometimes used as a last resort by people in tragic situations who cannot express themselves in any other way.

The projects and events we want to present to you, such as human rights film festivals, exhibitions or photography projects, are being developed every day in various places such as art galleries, the street or the web. Creating Rights also proposes a more in-depth reflection on the relationship between art and human rights in history.

Creating Rights is available through this blog, but also on Twitter and Facebook. These social platforms, as well as the Contact Us page and the comments boxes available on each page of this blog will allow you to participate in what we hope will be a fascinating journey. A journey that starts here with this blog.

Thank you in advance for your interest in this project!

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  1. maya nahum
    maya nahum says:

    bravo! longue vie a Creating Rights! C’est une formidable idée de lier l’Art et les Droits de l homme. Bonne chance !


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