Call for artists – Digital exhibition

Creating Rights has been asked by the people at Azelo ( to help them
with an art project for their blockchain platform. We will curate two exhibits for them: one
will be a small exhibit next month featuring a small number of artists and artworks with
the theme of “Human Rights/International Justice”, and the other will be a larger one in
September 2019 with a theme to be named around Peace month.

Azelo is a tech startup based in The Hague that uses blockchain technology to support
digital art and artists. They secure the artwork in the blockchain allowing the artist
greater control over the licensing of their work. (They can probably better explain the
tech than us, and we are happy to connect anyone with them if they want to learn more
about it.)

The platform is a digital gallery to display the art, with links to an auction site should
someone want to purchase it. Purchases are made in cryptocurrency. The artist keeps
full copyright and royalties of their work, and receives 75% of any work sold on the
auction. If you click the link above, you can see the way the art is displayed, as well as
the information on the art and artists.

We are looking for digital photographs, manipulations, renderings, collages, GIFs, and
short videos less than 3 minutes. We are trying to avoid photographs of paintings if

The deadline for submissions is November 30 for the exhibit that will go live December
15. The deadline for the September one will most likely be mid-July.

This collaboration with Azelo is in alignment with Creating Rights‘ mission to support
artists by giving them visibility as explained here on our website. We think this is an
exciting opportunity to explore because it blends human rights awareness with
technology that supports artists’ rights while looking towards tomorrow.

If interested, contact Scott Guthrie at