Creating Rights is a platform brought together by committed and dynamic volunteers motivated to change the world. Our volunteers entail a vast area of expertise in legal and artistic fields.
Through their different experiences and expertise, our volunteers are motivated to make artists visible and to offer analysis on human rights and international  justice. This is done by introducing initiatives and projects exploring such notions through the lens of art and creativity.

A group of dedicated individuals already works together to give a life to Creating Rights in its endeavor to support the diverse projects already existing in this cross-field between art and human rights. Learn about our vision, mission and strategy, and meet the team here
However, our areas of interest are part of a vast and uncharted interdisciplinary field at the intersection between art and human rights. This is why we need volunteers who can bring in their experience and expertise.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in getting volunteer experience in a motivated and motivating non-profit organisation.


Please visit this page to see the recruitments ongoing at Creating Rights.