In Focus

One of the ways through which Creating Rights intends to deepen actions in international justice and human rights is to provide for a reflection on the interdisciplinarity of the projects and initiatives combining these fields with artistic or cultural productions.

Creating Rights therefore is a platform hosting a Blog telling the stories of the projects at the intersection of art and human rights, informing on news in this new field, and providing a reflection based on our expertise in these domains. The blog welcomes contributors who want to share their ideas.

In the Portraits section, you will find an introduction to individuals behind such projects. Their vision and their work are usually so deeply intertwined with their lives that it seemed only natural to give them a voice in explaining how they came to develop their projects. Creating Rights was first founded with the idea that understanding the life trajectories of these individuals, artists of human rights practitioners, is essential to comprehend their thought-challenging projects. We will introduce you to these amazing people once a month, so stay tuned!