Meet the Syrians

Meet the Syrians is a one-week celebration event that gathers over 100 Syrian artists from all over the world to celebrate art for freedom, with the goal of showing art work and connecting with other communities as artists, freedom seekers and fellow humans. This event holds an art exhibition, screening of videos made by digital artists, and theatrical and musical performances.

Meet the Syrians is the first project of the non-profit organisation AMAS (Annamarie Art Stichting). The founders of AMAS, Sofia Dawoudi and Fawaz Zaza, intend to take this project on a journey that started in Amsterdam in 2017 and will travel to the cities that welcome the concept, such as The Hague or Geneva, cities that symbolize peace and Justice. The event is designed to attract more artists every year and to develop working realtionship with artists of various nationalities in the future.

Creating Rights is proud to support AMAS’ project Meet the Syrians. The vision of the project, to organise a forum where artists and various audiences can connect and exchange on humanitarian issues through a joyful and celebratory atmosphere, represents a perfect illustration of what art can achieve. Moreover, Creating Rights believes in the importance of reminding the human dimension of each individual fleeing war to bring European populations to see beyond the waves of faceless refugees.

Creating Rights supports Meet the Syrians in different ways in an effort to make the next event happen. We provide assistance in connecting to the art and international legal worlds in The Hague. We also offer advice in drafting proposals for funding purposes.

Creating Rights will display art works of some of the registered artists with Meet the Syrians as part of its Virtual and Temporary Exhibition page. The page will be ready soon so stay tuned!

We will post here soon more information on the next venues of Meet the Syrians.

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